What We Do



Your organization’s mission is to make an impact. Together, we imagine what success looks like for you and create it — through strategy, communications, and public relations that maximize your results and amplify your brand.


From Training to Turn-Key

Want to develop your in-house team? We can train them to create and implement a strategy to accelerate your success.

Have an internal team and want a strategy created to focus your activities? Solution found. 

Want your communications and PR managed for you? We will provide turn-key success. 


A Strategy Roadmap is a tailored strategy and plan that is aligned with your organization. 

No more "try this and that" without asking first — is this the best way to achieve our goals and ROI? A Strategy Roadmap provides you:


•  Competitive Positioning - differentiate your value propositions and offerings to attract       your target audiences

•  Tactics - determine where can you best reach your target audiences and what tools         and tactics will foster the most engagement

•  Plan - execute your strategy with a concise plan, implementation calendar, and                 regularly measured KPIs to achieve your goals


Your roadmap will equip you to execute on your strategy. It is a guide to keep you and your resources focused on your goals and empower you to say "no" to things that distract you. 


A Communications Toolkit is a framework implemented across your brand touchpoints, stakeholders, and audiences. From quarterly investor presentations to social media, shape conversations, position your organization as a thought leader, and elevate engagement.


The Communications Toolkit provides you:


•  Core Messaging - frame your messages around your goals and why you are

   communicating, applying science-based behavioral communication methods

•  Stakeholder & Audience Personas - understand your audiences and craft                         communications based on who are you communicating with and empathy mapping

•  Communications Playbook & Style Guide - communicate on brand and in a more clear,

   concise, and effective manner to drive your audiences to take action 


Your toolkit equips you with an effective, audience-centric, and on-brand communications framework and tools to guide your audiences to action.



Effective PR calls for imaginative, creative solutions. There is a time and place for a press release, and there are many more PR opportunities that can showcase your news and organization. We develop, tailor, and provide solutions for you, including: 

•  Media - custom curate and foster relationships with well-aligned outlets, reporters, and     influencers

•  Thought Leadership - build credibility through bylines, op-eds, podcasts, and speaking     engagements 

•  Reputation Management - online and offline, we assess and manage how your brand       is perceived

•  Visibility - position your news front and center with press releases, media briefings,           and interviews  


Imagine PR amplifies your news and establishes you as a go-to resource, elevating your brand, reputation, and the support of your mission. 



"We greatly benefited from Misann's messaging and content strategy to improve our communications. Additionally, she was outstanding at coordinating our corporate communications and partnership with the Miami Marlins."


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