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How can you make a

Profit & Positive

Discover how a triple bottom line model can help you accelerate your business success. We are capturing the stories of CEOs and their companies' journeys.

  • How do they operate a triple bottom line?

  • What have been their greatest lessons?

  • What best practices can they offer you?


Explore how to drive growth, profit, and corporate social responsibility with a triple bottom line business model.

People, Planet, Profit.

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Discover how to amplify your Profit and Positive Impact.

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Misann Ellmaker, Author

Author of “Profit and Positive Impact,” Misann Ellmaker, co-founded Minor League Baseball Charity Partners, which donates over $50M annually. She has advised CEOs and executive leadership teams in business development and communications for more than 20 years.


Misann has witnessed innovation, creativity, and the human heart and mind at its best — a national company take a cost line item for waste and turn it into revenue. A global company focused solely on profit incorporate philanthropy and embed it into their mission and profit model.

You CAN make a profit & positive impact.

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Profit & Positive Impact 
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